Digital Release Terms & Conditions

Digital Release Package: – Terms & Conditions

When booking The Digital Release Package at Blackfrog Studios Ltd Studios you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing unconditionally on behalf of the band/artist to abide by the studio’s terms and conditions as detailed below.

Booking a Digital Release Package:
The Digital Release Package is subject to approval from a member of the Blackfrog Studios team. Blackfrog Studios Ltd reserve the right to refuse any release.
Bookings can be made by the following methods only and are not valid until confirmed and
Paid: • Email: info@blackfrogstudios.co.uk • Phone: 01844 218354 • Online Booking Form.

Digital Release
A contract / agreement, which will be written up by Blackfrog Studios Ltd, must be signed prior to release of the artist / bands EP. The contract / agreement will grant rights to Blackfrog Studios to release the artist / bands music in line with current copyright laws.

Any cover songs subject to this package must have written permission from the current copyright holder. Any fee’s associated with the copyright agreement for this release are payable by the artist / band and are in no way connected to Blackfrog Studios Ltd.

You must own the rights to your music to release it.

Retailers discretion
Individual retailers such as Itunes, Napster, Amazon etc have the right to decline/refuse the sale of your EP from their website. Blackfrog Studios Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions of the retails. A full refund for the digital release pack will be provided should this be the decision of the retailers. No other refunds for any other reason will be available.

Artwork is required for the release of the artist / bands EP. Blackfrog Studios Ltd will provide you with art work for your EP if required. Artwork can be supplied by the artist / band at the artist / bands discretion. Any artwork provided by Blackfrog Studios Ltd will be of a professional standard but the content of the art work will be at Blackfrog Studios Ltd discretion. Standard art work will be a photo of the artist / band, or plane background, or basic image, with band name and EP name.

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