Blackfrog Studios has the latest technology available to be able to provide you with the great sound your recording deserves. From the best DAWS, to the clearest of microphones and utilizing some of the most popular outboards and plugins available.

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Vocal Booth

At BlackFrog, we always strive to deliver the highest fidelity recording. When designing the new studios we spent particular attention to creating an isolated Vocal and live instrument room where we could produce a ‘dead’ space for vocalists and soloists.

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Live Room 1

Live Room 1 is the ultimate space for band rehearsal or recording. This large 50m2 room is ample sized for almost any band and has been treated with the very latest sound proofing technology.

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Mixing Room

Blackfrog Studios Use a 64 track digital set up to give you a clear and warm sound, We use Cubase 7 or Logic Pro X as the software engine along with a wide variety of outboard effects and processors. All of these pieces of equipment are located in our separate mixing room. The mixing room is the heart of any recording studio and is where the engineer will do all your recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

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Rehearsal/Band Practice

The 50m² Live Room has everything you could ever need. Highly specified, our main recording room is also available for band rehearsal and includes some professional grade equipment.

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Practice Rooms

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